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    The catalyst for business and regional growth.


    In the fall of 2009, a Joint Merger Task Force with members from the Greater Crown Point Chamber of Commerce and Merrillville Chamber of Commerce convened to look at the pros and cons of merging. They concluded that merging the chambers would benefit the membership and recommended making the change to both boards. The recommendation turned into resolutions and both boards voted in favor of the merger.

    Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce officially came into being in January 2010. The new logo and mission were unveiled and celebrated on February 10, 2010. This historic merger enhances the surrounding economic climate and civic environment, as well as provides a joint membership of more than 700 business contacts for networking opportunities.

    The two chambers have had different functions throughout their history. Merrillville Chamber of Commerce has served Merrillville/Ross Township since 1954. Merrillville has a strong business environment with many people driving into town daily for work, shopping or staying at one of their many hotels.

    The Greater Crown Point Chamber has served the Center Township region since it began in 1950, Crown Point, county seat of Lake County, Indiana, is famous for the courthouse square and historic architecture. This Chamber served as host for many fun events throughout the year, bringing residents together.

    The strength that the Merrillville Chamber had in the business sector and the strength the Crown Point Chamber had in building community ties will not only benefit current members, but new members and the region.