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    MarketSmart Media, LLC is a new company as of 2018. We sell, design, set-up and service EZcards. EZcard is a digital marketing card that in some ways is similar to a virtual business card and a mobile website all in one product. EZcard is a web app that provides individuals, organizations, and businesses an affordable, and highly customizable digital marketing platform that they can easily share with clients, family, prospects or members of their organization at no cost.

    You can connect to your phone, email, website, social channels (as you see fit). You can embed video, calendars, links, images, web pages and even payment gateways. Just about anything you can do on a website you can do with an EZcard. Better yet they are mobile optimized already and always look great on a mobile device which is what they are designed for.

    You can even get a keyword linked to the card (premium card option) that allows anyone that texts your keyword to a number to get your EZcard sent to their phone.

    We are Brand Partners for EZcard and are looking forward to showing the many features and uses an EZcard can provide to local businesses and organizations.

    You can save up to 32% on the cost of an EZcard by getting one through us. We can also help with setup, although that is fairly simple to do yourself.

    Stop by or give us a call, we would love to show you examples of some EZcards.