• Clinical Supervisor

    White's Residential and Family Services, Inc.
    Job Description

    Job Title: Clinical Supervisor

    Department: Family Services

    Employment Status: Full-time/Regular/Exempt


      • A Master’s degree in Social Work is required. LCSW is preferred.
      • Three years paid social work experience
      • At least one year of paid case work in a child-placing agency is required.
      • Must have a valid driver’s license with no restrictions that would limit the ability to perform job functions

    Reports to: Regional Manager

    Job Summary: The Clinical Supervisor directs and coordinates all caseload work and clinical services within the regional office. This individual is responsible to supervise Family Specialists in conjunction with the Regional Manager, provide treatment direction, assign caseloads and approve all written work including: treatment plans, monthly reports, closing reports, progress notes and correspondence. This individual must have an understanding of clinical issues, treatment programming concepts and counseling. This Individual must demonstrate sensitivity to our service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs.

    Basic Responsibilities

    1. Development and implementation of treatment program

    • Develop, implement and maintain therapeutically sound treatment programming for children, youth , and families in care in line with White's mission and philosophy;

        • Track population needs, treatment modalities and referral agency and state trends and regulations and adapt interventions and methods to meet needs;
        • Oversee implementation of all policies procedures as it relates to agency or state policies and regulations.

    2. Casework/Clinical supervision of Family Specialist staff

    • Provide on-the-job training for Family Specialists in conjunction with the Regional Manager;

        • Supervise the day-to-day clinical performance of Family Specialists in the local office;
        • Accompany Family Specialists to home visits to observe work in actual settings periodically;
        • Review correspondence as appropriate;
        • Review staff billing in a timely manner;
        • Ensure foster child placement information is submitted timely;
        • Ensure that foster child files are properly maintained and meet standards established by accrediting/licensing bodies.
        • Provide clinical direction and professional development guidance to Family Specialists of assigned local office;
        • Assign case loads collaboratively with the Regional Manager;
        • Provide Clinical Supervision with each Family Specialist no less than every two weeks;
        • Coordinate and oversee treatment team meetings;
        • Formally evaluate (jointly with the Regional Manager) each Family Specialist every six months until achievement of "regular employee" status, then annually;
        • Review and approve on all Individual Treatment Plans, Monthly Progress Reports, Closing Summaries, Independent Living contracts and correspondence dealing with major treatment or placement issues;
        • Maintain a general knowledge of all cases;
        • Attend court hearings as needed;
        • Function as a resource/backup to Family Specialists when a crisis develops;
        • Meet weekly with Regional Manager to review billing, case issues and risk management.

    4. Liaison and Public Relations

    • Manage major foster parent issues and consult the Regional Manager as appropriate;

    • Maintain working relationships with referral agencies and promote the agency;

        • Attend to referral agency concerns;
        • Engage stakeholders as appropriate.

    5. Foster parent training and supervision

    • Assist in the coordination of the in-service training for foster parents;

        • Provide on-going treatment support to foster parents;
        • Facilitate training sessions as needed.

    6. Supervision of supportive staff

    • Assist Regional Manager in hiring of support personnel for the assigned regional office;

        • Supervise support personnel as needed.

    7. Site, facilities and vehicles

    • Report needs and recommendations to Regional Manager;

        • Submit requested information to Support Services as directed by the Regional Manager.

    8. Professional development

    • Pursue professional training as directed by the Regional Manager;

        • Develop competencies in line with White's Family Services needs and personal interests and skills.

    9. General

    • Build and maintain working relationships with other White’s managers

        • Perform other duties assigned by the Regional Manager or Vice-President of Family Services.


    Skill, Supervision, Knowledge and Ability

      • The Clinical Supervisor needs to be an individual with a Christian and professional commitment to work with staff, children and youth of all ages, birth families, the referring agency, community professionals, and the White's Family Services treatment team.
      • Must possess strong leadership qualities, and be a positive role model.
      • Must demonstrate excellent public relation skills and represent White’s in a professional manner: Will work to build strong relationships with outside agencies, both public and private, to develop a strong support base.
      • Must be a person who takes initiative and works with minimal supervision.
      • Must have advanced experience in using technology, including a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and database utilization.
      • Must have the ability to effectively communicate the mission, vision, and concerns of White’s ministry in both oral and written communications.
      • Must demonstrate well-developed interpersonal skills. Ability to get along well with diverse personalities.
      • Must demonstrate high energy level, comfortable performing multifaceted projects in conjunction with normal activities.
      • Must be dependable, well organized and an effective time manager.
      • Must have an understanding of clinical issues, treatment programming concepts and counseling.
      • Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
      • Must be personable, genuine, empathetic and able to connect emotionally in their work with staff, children, parents, and other professionals.
      • Must be a "team player." This person needs to enjoy working closely with other staff members and have the ability to be flexible, adaptive and positive in his/her actions.
      • Must maintain appropriate hygiene and attire per dress code.
      • Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
      • Must be committed to the Mission, Core Values, and Vision of White’s Residential and Family Services.


    Physical Demands of Position

      • Must be able to drive long distances to do work at regional offices, attend meetings, do staff training, etc.
      • Must be able to handle the stress of multiple roles and responsibilities, difficult personnel issues, attending to crises and other unplanned events.


    Working Conditions

      • General office hours are: 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.
      • Work in regional offices, attending meetings, conducting staff/community trainings and other duties that often extend beyond these "office hours".
      • The Clinical Supervisor will be expected to respond to major incidents to provide guidance and be a resource to staff. His/her cell phone number will be given to staff to use outside regular office hours. In addition, the Clinical Supervisor must carry a cell phone with a voice mail option when not on vacation.
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