• Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce President CEO

    Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description
    The Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber of commerce in Northwest Indiana with approximately 650 members. It has an annual budget of approximately $550,000 and a staff of 3 including the President CEO.  The Chamber serves Crown Point, Merrillville, Winfield and surrounding areas of Indiana by promoting and advocating for business growth.
    The President CEO provides strategic direction, vision, and management for the programs and personnel of the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce. He/she demonstrates expertise in strategic planning, member sales and services, program management, economic development, public policy, nonprofit governance and operations, finance and accounting, public speaking, and fundraising. He/she has full responsibility for profit and loss, fiscal stability, and compliance. He/she will be a dynamic leader with the ability to manage current programs while developing new initiatives and partnerships with other business and community organizations to achieve goals and objectives.
    The President CEO reports to the Board of Directors in accordance with the by-laws, however on a regular basis reports to the Executive Committee and Finance Committee.
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Strategic vision with extensive and nuanced skills to drive change management, mission fulfillment, and operational outcomes
    • Highly developed interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
    • Broad knowledge of industry acumen, entrepreneurship, and innovation
    • Strong understanding of the political landscape for change and collaboration with civic leadership and partner organizations
    • Demonstrated skills in human resource development, team building, and performance measurement and management
    • Adept at coalition building, relationship management, and negotiating complex agreements
    • Exceptional communication skills both in writing and orally with members, potential members, elected officials, outside organizations, media outlets, and the Board of Directors
    • Possesses and demonstrates high standards of integrity, work ethic, trustworthiness, and personal responsibility
    • Strong working knowledge of non-profit financial accounting and reporting
    • Excellent computer skills including the Microsoft Office suite, Chamber Master, and QuickBooks
    • Strategic Planning and Implementation: At the direction of and in participation with the Board, the President CEO creates and implements the strategic plan for the Chamber.
    • Members Services and Sales: The President CEO is responsible for the overall performance of the Chamber’s membership activities including membership acquisition, stewardship and retention.
    • Program Management: The President CEO oversees and assesses the line-up, schedule, design, implementation, budget, and structure for the Chamber’s programs and events.
    • Human Resources: The President CEO will attract, develop, discipline, retain, terminate, and pay employees per the Chamber’s bylaws and budgets with Board consent.  Ensures compliance with relevant employment and workplace laws.  Works with the Board to ensure employees have the proper resources to be effective.
    • Finance and Accounting: The President CEO ensures the Chamber establishes and follows generally accepted accounting and financial practices that ensures organizational safety and soundness, prepares annual budgets and forecasts for approval by the Board, prepares monthly financial reports and presents to the Finance Committee and Board, achieves budget targets, builds and maintains solid internal controls, sustains operations, and grows capacity for new initiatives.
    • Nonprofit Governance and Operations: The President CEO ensures the Board, governance bodies, and volunteer leaders are actively engaged and aligned to support the mission and functional activities of the Chamber.
    • Economic Development: The President CEO is responsible for the Chamber’s role in economic development including business retention/expansion, infrastructure, workforce/education, health and safety, civic innovation and regional collaboration with other economic development organizations.
    • Public Policy: The President CEO represents the Chamber on a variety of public policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels which require him/her to develop platforms, messaging, advocacy channels, and strategic relationships.
    • Public Relations/Outreach: The President CEO is responsible for creating and maintaining a dynamic and forward thinking public image for the organization, including strategies for marketing, communications, media relations, community relations and public speaking.
    • Fundraising: The President CEO oversees the Crossroads Connects, Inc. foundation and is responsible for its philanthropic relations, donor engagement, grant writing, and program growth.
    • Education: Bachelor’s degree is preferred but related experience will be considered in lieu of academic credentials
    • Experience: A minimum of 10 years of successful experience in executive management and leadership positions within the private, public, or nonprofit sectors demonstrating progressively greater responsibility
    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.
    If you’re interested in the above opportunity, please forward your updated resume, completed Q/A (below) and send them to the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce at hello@crossroadschamber.org. If you have any questions, please email.

    President CEO Applicant Questionnaire

    Thank you for expressing your interest in the President CEO position for the Crossroads Regional Chamber. For further consideration, please provide your written response to the following three questions. Please limit your response to each question to one page. Send your completed questionnaire to the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce at hello@crossroadschamber.org. If you have any questions, please email.
    Name: Date:
    1. Why are you the right candidate for this position?
    1. What do you view as the top three economic opportunities in The Region and what would you recommend the Crossroads Regional Chamber do to take advantage of those opportunities?
    1. What do you view as the top three challenges facing The Region and what would you recommend the Crossroads Regional Chamber do to overcome these challenges?
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