• Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant

    Posted: 02/18/2021

    SUMMARY:  The Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant (LOA) works closely with the Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO) to provide the highest level of quality service to clients, prospective clients, agents, and each party involved throughout the loan process by having a thorough understanding of mortgage terms and required documentation. The LOA organizes files to stay within compliance guidelines and prepares files for processing. The LOA is knowledgeable in mortgage products and bank policy and procedures, being able to direct and answer questions and inquiries when the lender is unavailable. The LOA manages and updates the Loan Originator’s databases and referrals while also working closely with the operations team in collecting and uploading documents necessary throughout the loan process.



    • Provide the highest levels of quality service to clients and perform client requested services (such as communicating with Loan Operations for questions regarding closed loans, leaving messages for MLO’s, copying and scanning loan documents when a MLO is unavailable, answering any questions possible, and if not possible, directing phone calls and inquiries from clients and agents to the appropriate person involved, in a friendly, positive, professional manner - always using the client’s name.  Strive to provide a World Class Service experiences in every encounter.
    • Prepare Prequalification files to be submitted and turned into live deals by completing tasks such as the following: review Application 1003, pull credit, run pricing, run Smart Fees, run automated underwriting, and any other necessary steps.
    • Flip Lead files to Prequalification files or set them up to be decisioned by underwriting when all necessary information is obtained from clients.
    • Monitor, organize and complete all Leads and Prequalification files to meet compliance standards.
    • Request & collect documents from clients to begin processing for each loan (such as tax returns, W2s, paystubs, bank statements, purchase agreements, building specs/plans, etc.), keeping in constant communication with MLO on what is still needed for each file.  Assist MLO and the operations team in collecting any further documentation necessary throughout the remainder of the loan process; copying, scanning, and emailing documents when the MLO is unavailable.
    • Communicate with retail staff on files requiring checking accounts, providing them with necessary information, if applicable.
    • Communicate directly with appropriate real estate agent to request Title Company information for each loan, helping to speed up the loan process.
    • Keep Business & File Contacts in Encompass up-to-date for each loan so that loan milestone emails will go out to the appropriate parties involved for each MLO’s loans in process.
    • Review the closing e-mail from the Closing Coordinators and send a loan closing reminder to all parties (MLO, clients, agents, builders, Title Company, etc.) involved.
    • Communicate with condominium associations to collect paperwork for condominium approvals and send to underwriting for review.
    • Monitor and update Optimal Blue by deleting closed, denied, and expired prospect files.
    • Input, monitor, and close out referrals in Connections software.
    • Prepare the following marketing related items, as needed: open house flyers, rate sheets, closing gifts, sales call packets, or anything else within reason that may be requested.
    • Look up current customer info in NuPoint as requested by MLO for mortgage loan purposes.
    • Order office supplies & help keep MLO promotional items in good supply.
    • Assist in any special duties delegated or assigned as necessary for any events, shows, education panels, sponsorships, etc. that the MLO may be participating in.
    • Be willing to attend seminars, AIB classes or other educational opportunities to keep aware of current changes in the laws pertaining to residential lending.


    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required for this position:

    • This position necessitates the individual to be detailed oriented and well organized with the ability to multi-task.
    • Must possess excellent communication and customer service skills. 
    • Knowledge of database software, loan origination and processing software, and imaging software are helpful. 
    • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook is required.



    • 3+ years lending related experience required.
    • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.