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  • Loan Processor

    Posted: 03/13/2020

    Full-time Opening:
    Merrillville, IN
    Carmel, IN

    Supervisory Responsibilities:




    Prepares and processes residential mortgage loan applications through the loan approval and clearing of conditions for closing.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • •Obtain all required exhibits, documents, and verifications upon receipt of complete loan application and resolve any discrepancies between applications and official verifications.
    • •Analyze all documents to insure adequacy of documentation and compliance with all requirements of the secondary market, governmental agencies, and investors as well as ensuring that loans are compliant with all Federal and State regulations.
    • •Ability to read and analyze financial information, including but not limited to tax returns.
    • •Responsible for the understanding of all mortgage products offered including the calculation of payments, APRs and costs involved.
    • •Prepare loan file for underwriting insuring compliance with established underwriting guidelines and policies.
    • •Notify closing agent(s) and borrower of closing time and place.
    • •Insure that all procedures are handled as promptly and efficiently as possible and inform supervisor of any current or potential problems with any aspect of duties.
    • •Prepare reports on department activities as requested.
    • •Responsible for the confidentiality of all client relationships with the Bank or its personnel.
    • •Responsible for maintaining open, honest, and timely communications and cooperation with his/her immediate supervisor, management, and coworkers on a daily basis to promote teamwork, client goodwill, and achieve the bank’s goals and objectives.
    • •Responsible for promoting positive client relations by being friendly, courteous, and efficient and responding and following-up with clients in a timely manner.
    • •Responsible for participating in all scheduled meetings and training sessions when deemed necessary by management.
    • Other Duties and Responsibilities:
    • •Engage in personal development activities such as BAI courses and internal/external training to assist in growing in career.
    • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • •Computer knowledge in a Windows environment and working with a mouse. Basic computer knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel.
    • •Ability to review and understand a variety of resources and information including financial related information.
    • •Proofread and verify written materials.
    • •Read and process written and numerical information.
    • •Operate a computer keyboard and adding machine.
    • •Read alpha and numeric information on a computer monitor screen.
    • •Ability to work independently, but also with others in a team environment.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • •High School Diploma or equivalent. College Degree Preferred.
    • •Minimum of 2 years mortgage experience or related field.
    • At least 1 year of mortgage processing experience.
    • •FHA and VA experience a plus