• Jr. Mortgage Loan Originator

    Posted: 02/18/2021

    Responsible for soliciting referral sources to get mortgage loans, providing information during inquiries, and ultimately, if appropriate, inviting the client to make a mortgage loan application. When making a mortgage loan application this position interviews mortgage loan applicants, under the direct supervision of their assigned Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO), in a friendly and efficient manner by securing an application and all supporting documents for submission to loan processing.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    •Responsible for making sales calls, with direct support of assigned Mortgage Loan Officer, on realtors, builders, and other pertinent parties for the purpose of soliciting mortgage loans, developing mortgage banking relationships, and cross-selling services.
    •Interview loan applicants with their MLO, document income, debt, credit history, employment, and general information.
    •Request and review documents with their MLO, such as income tax returns, W-2’s, purchase agreements, legal descriptions, forms for verification, and all other documents necessary to properly process an application.
    •With the support of their MLO, determine if applicants meet established standards or what additional information might be necessary for further consideration.
    •Inform applicants of all costs and closing fees associated with the loan request.
    •Once reviewed by their MLO, submit completed loan applications and all supporting documents to loan processing to begin processing of the loan.
    •Call applicants to resolve discrepancies such as derogatory credit, unlisted debt or any other issue.
    •Inform loan applicants of loan approval or denial.
    •Daily/weekly meetings with the Mortgage Loan Officer to review pipeline, process, and procedures.
    •Participate in all scheduled meetings deemed necessary by management.
    •Communicate open and honestly with all bank associate’s including management and with clients and potential clients.
    •Meet production goals on a monthly basis.
    •Report monthly number of sales calls made.
    •Attend loan closings.
    •Understand and adhere to all bank and government regulations, rules, policies, and procedures including, but not limited to operations and compliance.
    Other Duties and Responsibilities:
    •Engage in personal development activities such as BAI and Xinnix courses and internal/external training to assist in growing in career.
    •Represent the bank in community activities including business, charitable, civic, and social.


    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    •Computer knowledge in a Windows environment and working with a mouse. Basic computer knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel.
    •Ability to review and understand a variety of resources and information including financial related information.
    •Proofread and verify written materials.
    •Read and process written and numerical information.
    •Operate a computer keyboard and adding machine.
    •Read alpha and numeric information on a computer monitor screen.
    •Ability to work independently and in a team environment.


    Minimum Qualifications:
    •Bachelor’s degree in a business related field required.
    •Minimum of 1 year mortgage loan experience.
    •Previous mortgage lending experience preferred.
    •Sales experience preferred.