• Business Banking Administrative Specialist

    Posted: 07/14/2020

    *Based out of Merrillville, IN

    Supervisory Responsibilities: None


    Summary: The Business Banking Administrative Specialist (BBAS) will work closely and proactively with their Lender(s) and Portfolio Manager (if applicable) on prospects and current credits. The BBAS will be the front line ambassador for Centier Bank to business banking clients and will assist them with loan inquiries and transactional needs. The BBAS will handle a loan request from inception, at time of application, through booking and loan document distribution. The BBAS should be a specialist in the laws of consumer and commercial lending and Bank policy and procedures.  The BBAS should be contacting clients regarding basic renewal terms and assisting the lender by calling on his/her 45-days or less delinquencies, as well as have a thorough understanding of the title work, appraisals and surveys.  The BBAS should also be attending seminars to pass along important information at the Business Bank Administrative Staff meetings, as well as attending loan closings at title companies whenever possible.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    Provide the highest levels of quality service to clients and perform client requested service in a friendly, positive, professional manner. Establish rapport with clients, display a caring attitude, identify their needs, recommend and explain solutions, handle objections and ask for their business. Understanding and being able to interpret and present bank products and services is required. Master current credit software system for loan submissions.  Gather and follow up on loan presentations submitted to a Credit Analyst whether processed inside or outside of the current credit system. Provide support and guidance for all complex loan requests including attorney prepared, SWAP, C & I, Leases and all types of SBA loans. Review loan requests/approvals for lending authority; bank policy and procedures and laws governing same. Assist Lender/Portfolio Manager/CDP in collecting and reviewing data, including but not limited to, title work, judgement and lien searches, appraisals, surveys, flood certifications insurance, entity documents and correspondence. Placing necessary documentation into the Image Storing System for future use by an Analyst, CDP and the Loan Servicing back department staff. Submitting/routing appropriate credit requests, files and documentation to CDP for loan preparation. Review completed documents prior to closing for accuracy and completeness.  Coordinate with outside legal counsel on those loans that are prepared by them and review for accuracy and completeness, being able to correspond with attorney’s on corrections needed.  Coordinate closing schedules and deliver closing packages to Lender or Title Company. Review documents after closing for appropriate signatures, scan required signed documents into the Imaging Storing System, notify the Loan Operations Booking Team of document placement and distribute loan documents to the appropriate areas for processing. Prepare the necessary tickets for collection and disbursement of loan proceeds and fees collected/paid. Handle non-complex loan closings for lender in his/her absence and when appropriate, attend closing(s) at a title company. Prepare and process the appropriate tickets for client requested transactions. Assist Lender on calling clients regarding loan delinquencies, this is completed on a weekly basis. Work closely with lender on loans due to mature and gather any information needed for any loan renewing. Request financial information from clients on an on-going basis. Take the responsibility to ensure each assigned current credit request loan file is up-to-date and fully documented for each specific loans status in the loan process. Assist in any special duties delegated or assigned as necessary due to location or committee memberships held by Loan Officers and/or supervisors. Identify and act on opportunities to refer clients to specialists in other departments for bank product, services and electronic delivery channels. Maintain a position of trust and responsibility by keeping all customer business confidential. Be willing to attend seminars, AIB classes or other educational opportunities to keep aware of current changes in the laws pertaining to commercial lending. Engage in personal development activities such as online learning and internal/external training to assist in career growth. Maintain a professional manner and appearance, as outlined in the Dress Code Policy, and a neat and orderly work area, adhering to the Clean Desk Policy. Follow the Essentials of Excellence and exhibit the Corporate Values in both external and internal transactions.


    Other Duties & Responsibilities:

    The position responsibilities outlined above are not meant to be construed as all encompassing.  Other duties, responsibilities and qualifications may be required and/or assigned as necessary.


    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required for this position:

    This position necessitates the individual to be detail oriented, well organized with the ability to multi-task and possess excellent communication and customer service skills.  Individuals should be proactive and not reactive in getting tasks completed.  Knowledge of loan scoring software and loan documentation as well as Microsoft Suite are required.


    Minimum Qualifications:

    High School Diploma

    1-2 years of banking experience with commercial lending preferred