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    Personalized Napa Wine Bottles
    **HOLIDAY WINE GIFTS Corporate Logo Client or Employee gifts

    Having a bottle of wine personalized with your corporate logo would be an unique and professional way to promote your business and memorable Client Gifts.   ($49.95 plus tax for 4 bottle sample tasting kit)

    I would like to offer our Napa winery's services in helping you create a gift with your corporate logo that your clients or staff would surely remember and enjoy.    We can work together to customize to your needs from 1-2 bottles, half case (6) or by the mixed or match case of 12 bottles.

    To view our entire Personalized product line, please visit my website:  wineshopathome.com/katieperdue.   Go to SHOP then to PERSONALIZED (BY CASE).  

    Personalized Label:        

    CASE       (12ea          VARIETIES AVAILABLE



                                         SPARKLING WHITE

                                         CABERNET SAUVIGNON 

     Here are the requirements for the file: 

    Q. What type of files do I need to create my own labels?
    A. If you are including your own image on your wine label, you can upload either .jpg or .png file types; However, .jpg is the preferred format. The higher the pixels per inch, the better the resolution. It is recommended you do not use a file smaller than 500KB. The maximum up-loadable size is 5MB. For the best label results images MUST have an RGB color profile (by default, most images do). If not, the images must be converted to RGB. If you are unable to convert the image yourself, you can have it done for you by WineShop At Home and will be charged the $25 Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee.

    ~We do offer a personalized wine sampler kit with all four (4) of the above varietals for you to taste before you print your label.  This kit costs $49.95 plus tax & shipping.  

    ~Please forward an electronic file of your corporate logo.  I can work with you on creating the label or we can upload a finished jpeg file right onto my website to order.  The label prints and wine ships within 2 days from Napa, CA with 5-7 days shipping via: FedX 

    I look forward to working with you on creating a stylish way to promote your company.  I’ve attached a copy of the electronic Personalized Wines Catalog below.  


    Katie Perdue
    WineShop at Home
    Schererville IN
    440 796 2303 (c) 
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